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Quickly assess every applicant to uncover the best WordPress developers for your organization

Choose Your Test

First things first. What kind of WordPress developer do you need?

WP Themer — This is your capable front-end developer, skilled with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the builder of themes and landing pages, the bridge between design and code.

WP Developer — This is the creator of custom plugins and integrations, your solid PHP developer, the custom solutioneer, using logic and databases and code to make a process better.

WP Builder — This is the master of page builders, maintainer of the admin, making quick work of small sites with little to no code work.

Add Your Candidates

Now let us relieve you of that huge list of candidates. Just upload your candidate emails, either via CSV or copy/paste, to send out the test invites. Your candidates will get your invite and start testing.

Then they’ll have 60 minutes to complete a variety of role-specific questions and challenges. This is the part where you sit back and relax.

See Your Results

As your candidates complete their tests and submit their scores, you will see them show up on your dashboard in real time. Once you are satisfied with the completed tests, you can review the results and choose the top candidates to interview.

No more wondering whether you left the best candidates on the table. No more wasting time with unqualified candidates. And just like that, your long list has been effectively sorted.

Find the Developer You Want the First Time

The best candidates to interview are the ones you already know are qualified. VerifyWP simplifies your hiring process by assessing your candidates' skills so you only interview the best.

For as little as $3 per candidate

Bring your list of candidates. Upload or enter their information. We invite them to take the test. As the tests are completed, candidate scores will show on your dashboard. Voila! Your shortlist of the best candidates!

Enter Candidates

Either manually enter or import a CSV with your candidate information.

Send Invites

Click “Submit” and continue on with your day.

Review Results

Check back in on your account to find a list of test results. Think about how easy that was. Nice, right?

Thoughtfully Constructed Tests

Our dynamic testing was created by our in-house WordPress experts. Test questions change from test to test to ensure scores accurately reflect candidate talent. We are dedicated to continually improving our testing curriculum, never letting it go stale.