Skills We Test For

Within the front-end and back-end developers' skill sets are a number of languages and proficiencies. Some are shared between the two roles while others are necessarily exclusive to each.

wordpress WP

WP Core

WordPress core functions are all the code-level aptitudes central to the WordPress platform. Some things covered under this umbrella are hooks, script and style enqueueing, AJAX handling, user meta, and much more.

php back end language


PHP is the open-source, server-side scripting language used for the development of interactive and dynamic websites. WordPress is, in large part, built with PHP. Understanding how to develop using PHP is a key skill for WordPress back-end developers.

html css front end languages


HTML is the central markup language for building content on websites and applications. CSS is used in combination with HTML to create the styling for that content. Using HTML and CSS, front-end developers can build a website’s interactive and graphical interface



REST API gives developers the ability to connect external systems to WordPress functionality. For instance, using REST API, orders can be synced to a POS system. Or customer information can be sent to a CRM service. This allows for secure and simple data sharing from WordPress to any external source



A powerful tool (and third language) in the front-end developer’s toolbelt, JavaScript is a scripting language used within HTML to execute dynamic commands within web pages without the need for new page loads. This makes possible site features such as animations, image carousels, automatic form field validation, drop-down menus, accordion interfaces, modal windows, and much more.

wordpress logo admin panel

WP Admin

The WordPress admin panel consists of a whole host of capabilities and settings that decide the function and look of a website, all without touching a line of code. Understanding all the things that can be done from the WordPress dashboard is essential to developing on the WordPress platform.

theming front end development


The look, feel, and function of a website is dependent on its theme. Custom-built themes by front-end developers are created based on a client’s desired layouts and features working from their provided designs.

map localization language internationalization


WordPress is used throughout the world and therefore needs to be appropriately adaptable. The translation of internationalized (i18n) plugins and themes for a particular country or region is called localization (l10n). This accounts for general language translation, plurality rules, word order, currency switching, regional inventory changes, and more. It allows that a single plugin or theme can be used anywhere with proper adaptation.