types of wordpress skill assessment tests

Choose Your Test

What do you need from your new developer?

Front-End — Skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the front-end WordPress developer is the builder of themes, landing pages and the trusty bridge between design and code.

Back-End — Using OOP, Hooks and Filters, and SQL queries to build functionality, this is your solid WordPress developer, the creator of new plugins and integrations, the custom solutioneer.

upload wordpress job applicants emails

Add Your Candidates

Now, upload all your candidate emails, either via CSV or copy/paste, to send out your test invites. Once your candidates receive the invite, they can start testing their skills. Each test is 60 minutes long, consisting of a variety of role-specific questions and challenges.

Customize Your Invitation

After you add your candidate information, you will be able to customize your invitation email. Set your desired deadline for completion, let them know exactly what job they are testing for, and send it off! Once sent, you can sit back and relax.  

view wordpress candidates score results

View Your Results

Come back to your dashboard whenever you like to view your candidates’ scores. Results will show up in real-time as testers complete their assessments. From here, you can see your candidates’ testing status, their final score, and any action available to you. Your list can be organized by candidate name, their status, or their score to easily show the information you need.

Respond to Retake Requests

Some candidates may request a second chance to show their skills. These requests will show at the top of your dashboard, where you will be able to approve or deny their request to retake the test. This will also show as an available action in your candidate results.

different wordpress candidate positions

Create Other Positions

For new job postings, you can create a new position from your dashboard and invite your new list of candidates. You can have as many positions as you like. Purchase an extension to get more time and invites beyond your initial amount.