Frequently Asked Questions

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For Test Takers

For Employers

  • How do I get started with a new candidate pool?

    Once you’ve registered for a new account, you will find important links on your employer dashboard. Click “Send Invites”, where you will be able to create a new position, choose a type of assessment, and upload your list of candidates to invite. As the assessments are completed, it will be reflected on your dashboard.

  • Do the results guarantee that my prospective developer will do their job well?

    Our assessments test a developer’s understanding of the core concepts of WordPress development, as well as their adeptness with programming. It can even show their work ethic and readiness with how quickly they complete the assessment. It is up to the employer to assess a candidate’s fit for the company through their interview process.

  • What information is provided in the assessment results?

    In your dashboard, you will be able to see your full list of candidates, including their name, position, assessment status, score (if completed), and the action you are able to take (such as emailing the candidate and approving a retake request). Each score will have a detailed breakdown with scores for each skill within the test (such as HTML/CSS, Theming, etc.).

  • I have 100 applicants for my WordPress job posting. How can VerifyWP help me filter these down?

    This is exactly why VerifyWP was created. When you invite your 100 candidates to take the test, the filtering begins. Those who don’t bother to take the test are naturally filtered out. The rest that do take the test can easily be filtered by their scores. You can then interview the candidates that received the best scores. From 100 to just a few, and you didn’t have to dig through a ton of resumes to get there.

  • Do I need technical skills to use VerifyWP?

    No. Our intuitive dashboard will allow you to find skilled developers without the need for any technical know-how on your part. Invite your candidates to take the test and choose the top candidates for an interview. All you have to do is assess whether these qualified candidates will be right for your company.

  • What skills does VerifyWP test for?

    VerifyWP specifically tests for WordPress development skills. We have split them up into two categories – Front-End and Back-End development. You can find a full list of the skills we test for here.

    If you are looking for a WordPress developer, VerifyWP is the tool for you.

  • How do I create a CSV file from the job board (Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, etc.) to upload to VerifyWP?

    Most job boards have an export function so that you can pull all your candidate data into one place. These are often in CSV format. Once you’ve created this export file from your job board of choice, you can upload it to VerifyWP and we will pull the relevant information so that you can quickly and easily invite all your candidates to take the test.


  • Can developers cheat on these assessments?

    Our assessments are open book format. Like any good developer, they are able to search around the internet to get at their answer. The questions are sufficiently difficult that those without the knowledge would be unable to cheat the answers. Furthermore, we continually update our testing curriculum to ensure that it stays fresh for accurate testing.

  • Can I try VerifyWP before I purchase?

    Yes! Just register to get access to sample tests. You will be able to try out a representative sample of each type of test we offer. Give it to one of your devs or try it out yourself. When you have decided to move forward, just click “Upgrade” and you’ll be on your way!