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How to Export Your Candidates from ZipRecruiter and Indeed

export candidates from indeed and ziprecruiter

Inviting ALL your candidates to take an assessment is a breeze. Just grab your exported list of candidates from Indeed or ZipRecruiter and upload it.

Export Your Candidates from ZipRecruiter

Grabbing one file with all your candidates from ZipRecruiter is super easy.

First, navigate over to Candidates on your Dashboard. Then click it.

Dashboard Candidates Section ZipRecruiter

Now, you can choose to filter by position or do nothing to include all candidates.

Filter Candidates by Position ZipRecruiter

Great! Now move your cursor up to the right corner of your screen to hover over the Actions button.

Candidates ZipRecruiter HOVER

Upon hover, your options will be revealed. You can either get your candidate list emailed via CSV or get a PDF of their resumes via email. Click “Email list as CSV“.

Email CSV Candidates ZipRecruiter

You will get confirmation that your CSV of candidates has been successfully emailed to you.

CSV EMAILED Candidates ZipRecruiter

Finally, you will receive the email with your CSV. All that’s left is to upload that file to VerifyWP and invite your candidates!

ZipRecruiter CSV email

Export Your Candidates from Indeed

Getting that CSV file from Indeed is also very very easy. First, from your Dashboard, click Candidates in the top nav.

Employer Dashboard to Candidates Indeed com

Once there, you can filter the list down to the specific candidates you want to export or do nothing and export them all. We think you should invite all candidates for a particular job to get assessed.

Job and Status Filters Indeed comCandidate Filters Indeed com

Once satisfied with that, scroll down.

Employers Indeed SCROLL DOWN

At the bottom, you will find the Export Candidates button. Click this button.

Employers Indeed CLICK THIS

The CSV will immediately download. Now you can upload this file to VerifyWP to easily invite all your candidates for testing.

See? That was easy.