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Simplifying the Hiring Process

VerifyWP was created with the intent of making the process of hiring WordPress developers simpler and more effective.

Looking through a bunch of resumes, hoping to positively identify the best of the bunch, hiring managers often come up short.

Some candidates are great at marketing themselves, but poor performers when the rubber hits the road. Some candidates are extraordinarily talented, but their resumes aren’t super polished.

By assessing all candidates for skills, employers can interview a short list of the most talented developers that applied.

No guessing about skill level. No leaving great candidates behind. No more bad hires.

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Earn Cold Hard Cash as a VerifyWP Affiliate

Here’s where our affiliates come in.

When your referrals buy an assessment plan within 90 days of clicking your link, you will reap the benefits. Your first referral nets you 50% of the sale. Then, 30% for all following sales.

That means you will receive $150 for your first sale and $90 for each sale after that. Not bad, right?

While you won’t get a commission for trial signups, this is an excellent way to lead your referrals to a purchase. On their trial dashboard, they will be able to take free sample tests (shortened versions of the real thing), get a feel for the dashboard, and see example candidate test results.

So, join our team of affiliates and start earning today!

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