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Jonathan Martin

  • Agency owner since 2009
  • Spent the last decade hiring WordPress developers with a 50% success rate
  • Knows the struggle of technical hiring
  • Loves coming up with solutions to business problems
  • Big WordPress fan; Not a developer
  • Grew up around Seattle and continues to call it home

While running an agency, Jonathan kept getting frustrated with the hiring process. It took so much time to hire, time which he could have used to run his business and hang out with his 3 lovely kids. Not being a developer himself, it was difficult to tell whether or not candidates were truly qualified.

nina wordpress woocommerce developer

Nina Sarabia

  • Bachelor in Applied Design from the Art Institute of Vancouver
  • Now works as a WooCommerce Technical Leader
  • Built her first professional WordPress site in 2015
  • Created a Gutenberg connector (called Gutenbridge) for her custom ACF-based WordPress theme
  • Has only interviewed for jobs via webcam
  • Currently a US permanent resident (someday a citizen)
  • Grew up in Vancouver, Canada and still calls it home
  • Obsessed with oysters

Nina has a rare mix of design and development skill, allowing her to see a problem from various perspectives. Working with a team is ideal as she can learn from senior developers while helping junior developers improve their skills. Agency life gives her the welcome opportunity to work on a diversity of projects and learn from the unique problems that arise from them.

will team leader wordpress developer

Will Harrison

  • High school dropout and GED recipient
  • Self-taught developer
  • Now a WordPress/WooCommerce Team Leader
  • Built his first WordPress site in 2010; first WooCommerce site in 2013
  • Grew up in the great Pacific Northwest and likes to call the Cascades home
  • Loves working with junior developers on new problems
  • Obsessed with autodidactism

Will is a father of three lovely kids, who he teaches to love learning as much as he does. He is passionate about the whole web stack, from DNS to browser render, and has been accurately called an open source evangelist. He should have been a professor, but instead chose to develop. He can be found on the development floor teaching someone something.

kellen developer wordpress laravel

Kellen Garnaas

  • Computer Science degree from Western Washington University
  • Now a WordPress/Laravel Developer
  • Technical Leader for VerifyWP
  • Built his first WordPress site in 2013
  • Keyboardist and front man for various Seattle bands
  • Grew up in the Bellingham and calls Seattle home
  • Loves working with web applications to solve problems
  • Obsessed with building things (with Legos or whatever is on hand)

Kellen has two loves — making music and solving business challenges. Working with multiple languages and platforms, he excels at building systems that help simplify processes and increase overall productivity. As a kid, he built a Lego baseball stadium to scale which took up the entire floor of his room. A testament to his varied skill set, he’s spent his time at coolblueweb on various teams developing problem-solving web applications for clients.

VerifyWP came from years of difficulty.

It sprung from what started as a web design and marketing agency and grew into a full-fledged WordPress web development shop. Our agency began small—just a group of guys in a tiny office. Over the years, it grew both in size and talent. This did not come easy.

Half of the WordPress developers that made it in the door had to be let go simply because their skills didn’t match expectation. Some too junior to keep up. Some oversold their talents. After all our years hiring, our success rate never improved.

The problem really stemmed from the need to filter down that big pile of resumes that came in for each position. The inevitable act of filtering through them with bias made it a certainty that great candidates would get lost.

We could never be sure that the candidates that made it to the interview were the best candidates in our pool.

Finally, we realized that we needed to take the hiring manager out of the sorting process. Let the candidates’ skills speak for themselves.
Find their talent first, then interview for culture.

Enter VerifyWP. Created in-house at coolblueweb, VerifyWP is a WordPress assessment platform built with the goal of making hiring the right developer easier, faster, and more cost-efficient. This way, we could know that we weren’t leaving the best candidates on the table and weren’t wasting precious time with unqualified applicants.

Now, we're sharing this platform with you to simplify the hiring process.