VerifyWP came from years of difficulty.

It sprung from what started as a web design and marketing agency and grew into a full-fledged WordPress web development shop. Our agency began small — just a group of guys in a tiny office. Over the years, it grew both in size and talent. This did not come easy.

In the last decade, we hired a lot of WordPress developers and put together a talented team. But, those that remain are a fraction of those that were hired. Half of the WordPress developers that made it in the door had to be let go simply because their skills didn’t match expectation.

Some were too junior and weren’t able to do complex projects. Others sold themselves as great but couldn’t deliver when the rubber hit the road. Business suffered when we couldn’t accomplish what our clients needed.

All these years later and you’d think that hiring would have gotten easier. But our success rate at hiring remained stagnant. We got lucky with several developers that still constitute the core team. With the others, we took the hit when they didn’t measure up.

The problem of hiring really starts with the overwhelming pile of resumes. Faced with 87 candidates, you find sketchy and unscientific ways to whittle it down to about 10. You come up with rules to thin the pile. Badly designed resume — out. Hard to pronounce name — gone. From out of state — nope. Non-citizen — see ya!

How many eminently qualified candidates got lost in the effort of creating a short list? A lot.

When we decided to break our own rules by hiring an out-of-state, non-citizen, she turned out to be a superb developer that continues to excel to this day. So, where did the rules get us?

We realized, through these trials and tribulations, that we needed to take the hiring manager out of the sorting process. We needed to blind this initial stage and let candidates’ skills speak for themselves. Find talent first, then interview for culture. Throw out the subjective rules.

Enter VerifyWP. Created in-house at coolblueweb, VerifyWP is a WordPress assessment platform built with the goal of making hiring the right developer easier, faster, and more cost-efficient.

This way, a company could hire knowing that they didn’t leave the best candidates on the table. This way, you can throw out the rules for turning those 87 into 10. This way, no time would be wasted on unqualified candidates.

Now, we are sharing this platform with the world to simplify the hiring process.